Know the Quality of Your Bakuchiol Source

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Are you meeting Bakuchiol for the first time?  The choices can be daunting as the skincare industry has recently hopped onto this wonder ingredient. It's known as the natural alternative to Retinol-- without the synthetic Retinol "uglies" (irritation, flaking, redness, etc.).

When we first introduced our first Bakuchiol Serum, only a handful of Bakuchiol products were available.  The rest of the skincare industry finally 'discovered' this wonder ingredient!  Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion about the purity and quality of the Bakuchiol used in many products. 

Bakuchiol is extracted from the seeds of the plant Psoralea Corylifolia, grown in India and commonly known as the Babchi plant.  However, there are Babchi or Bakuchi plant extracts which are much less expensive ingredients. Also used is the unpurified Bakuchi carrier oil.

Then there is the only authentic, highly purified, concentrated Bakuchiol.  What do we mean by this? 


While we see claims of "pure Bakuchiol," it's best to know what this truly is.  There are many products proclaiming  "pure." It's critically important to know the degree of purity and concentration of the Bakuchiol ingredient used in a product!  There is "pure"--and then there is pure, which is then highly concentrated and purified. 

Many Bakuchiol products proclaim a "pure" Bakuchiol; however, the product can contain a much less concentrated, unpurified form of the Bakuchi or Babchi  carrier oil, or extract. The correct listing of these Bakuchi ingredients is not "Bakuchiol."  These should be correctly listed as " Psoralea Corylifolia Seed Oil" or "Bakuchi Fruit Extract (Psoralea Corylifolia Leguminosae)."

Products using an unpurified Bakuchi carrier oil, or Bakuchi Extract are typically much less expensive, and, sorry to say--simply not effective.  These unpurified Bakuchi carrier oils and extracts can have irritants, residues, and sediments. The actual active percentage of Bakuchiol in these extracts and oils is much less active because they are not purified. 

Unpurified Bakuchi ingredients are present for "Label appeal". The marketing surrounding many products may suggest "contains Bakuchiol" which may further confuse consumers.

Only the company Sytheon produces the patented, highly purified, and authentic Bakuchiol active ingredient that has the approved INCI name "Bakuchiol."

We use the only patented, concentrated, 99% purified active Bakuchiol ingredient-- Sytenol® A.  Sytheon uses a unique extraction method to remove everything but the pure Bakuchiol molecule.  By isolating the Bakuchiol molecule and its concentrated purity, it is the only authentic Bakuchiol active. We offer Bakuchiol skin care products at the most reasonable prices possible, given the cost of the ingredient.  

Our Bakuchiol Collection has 6 different products offering facial oil serums, light creamy serums, and a cream moisturizer for different skin types. There is sure to be a choice to benefit your skin's needs, whether your goals are to help the appearance of aging, hyperpigmentation, the look of scars, increase collagen synthesis, or aid in reducing breakouts.  Authentic Bakuchiol helps obtain these goals without the irritating side effects of synthetic Retinol! 

Bakuchiol is remarkable for all skin types, especially those with sensitivities, and for those who prefer the clinically proven quality natural ingredient over synthetic Retinol. Our commitment to our wonderful customers is to provide the highest quality products at the most reasonable cost.

For more details about the beautiful benefits of the vegan, natural alternative to Retinol, we invite you to read our previous Blog post.


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