Oh, Our Precious Hands! How Dry They Are ...

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While we're being vigilant about our own and our family's hand hygiene are we now having chapped, parched, cracked skin? In a word- unhealthy- skin? 

Let's balance our need for extra hand hygiene in today's world with replenishing our skin's thirst for healthy equilibrium.

We've all heard about thorough hand washing (perhaps ad nauseum!); and we know this is the primary way to protect ourselves from germs and viruses.  We are completely on board with the health concerns surrounding hand hygiene!  Of course this is an overarching important activity!  And, Hand Sanitizers offer a critical purpose for when we cannot get to soap and water (think: gas pumps, handrails, ATM's, escalators, elevators, credit card readers, door knobs, etc).

But, ohhhh, at the end of the day our hands feel....destroyed.  Overuse of hand sanitizers can change the pH of the skin to high levels which leads to dry, chapped and cracked skin.  Dry, cracked skin can  be a receptor of germs and counteract the hand sanitizer's very purpose!  OMGoodness, our heads are spinning.  Do you have a headache yet from the whip- sawing information? 

Let's "bottom-line" it for you.  It 's truly a matter of common sense and isn't complicated:

1.)  Washing hands thoroughly is preferable;

2.) When soap and water are not readily available, Hand Sanitizers fill the important void;

3.)  It's critically important to apply a quality hand lotion to re-moisturize your skin back to pH health.  We think this can be in two stages: Hydration and then Moisturize.

  •  A good drenching with a water cream or a hyaluronic acid serum would be the best first step;
  • followed with an emollient hand lotion.  If your hands need a deep moisturizer, massaging a balm or lotion bar especially into your cuticles and even covering them overnight with cotton gloves would make a huge difference.
  •   Skin is restored back to health!

Below are products which we think will keep your hands gently cleansed, sanitized and restore your skin back to a healthy state!

Our Lemon Verbena Nourishing Gentle Hand Soap is a beautiful foaming soap.  At the end of the day, treat your hands to hydration (our Drench and Quench serum or the Refreshing and Hydrating Rose Toner, or the AQUEOUS for the Body fills that gap).  Follow up with the Emollient Hand Lotion.  And if your hands REALLY need some TLC, glide a Lotion Bar Body Bon-Bon onto your hands and massage into your cuticles (you could also add cotton gloves overnight if your hands really need a deep treatment).

Also, remember to drink plenty of water!


Healthy, restored and nourished skin just feels so darned good!

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